B06: Lethal, Humane, yet Brisk Play

Post-BriskerGolf, the resolution of a common yet atypical situation, such as duck-hooking into a cherished family pet, as previously outlined, becomes simplicity itself.

In BriskerGolf there is no turning back! Playing a provisional ball is not allowed under any circumstance.

Thus there need be no hesitation in the event of a distant direct hit on a pet mutt, donkey, goat or similar quadruped. You have a perfect sight line on the direction of your ball, provided the afflicted animal doesn’t bolt, and in all probability a very good audible guide to its approximate location.

Standard practice will be to proceed with all due haste to the scene of the unfortunate accident, in the knowledge that you are entitled to a free placement (not drop) within three club lengths of the collision, or, if preferred, a similar placement further back, in a direct line with the direction of the shot.

Of course, if you are in receipt of a default net bogey gimmie, G, as a result of your errant shot, technically it is unnecessary to retrieve your ball. In this instance some very brisk, and brusque, golfers, may inadvisably attempt to issue an apology from a distance.

The spontaneity of your response to a personal emergency on the periphery of the course should never again be compromised, as long as you adhere to the first principle of BriskerGolf, no retreating. Furthermore, your instinctively humane action, entirely in line with the concept of an exemplary BriskerGolfer, will stand you in good stead in any ensuing court action.

Doubtless there will be test cases, particularly when less sturdy avians are affected. But a worthy yet expensive barrister may be able to argue that pet raptors, parrots, ducks and of course cormorants, should not be routinely exposed to the vagaries of high handicappers’ shots, whereas a lassoed rhea may rightly be considered to be a more durable companion for an edge-of-golf-course-walk.

The BG App doesn’t allow for more than a cursory apology for an accidental collision. The lost ball rule, out of bounds ball rule, and unplayable ball rule are one and the same in BriskerGolf. A free placement (not drop) is allowed, within an estimated three clubs length of the exact or approximate position that a ball first disappeared into unplayable rough or out of bounds, or if preferred, further back in the line of the errant shot, including to a manicured course position, provided that such a decision is made within 30 seconds of arriving at the approximate position of the ball, as measured by the BG App.

A delayed penalty drop decision, timed at more than 30 seconds, equates to the gift of a [default] @Given-Net-Bogey.

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    • David on January 29, 2020 at 7:54 am

      Hi Susannah, thanks for your positive comment.

      Within a feww weeks there will be a major revision of BriskerGolf.am

      Best wishes,


  2. Kevin David on April 9, 2020 at 8:20 pm

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    • David on April 11, 2020 at 6:38 pm

      Thanks for your comment Kevin. I’m still revising my site!
      Best wishes, David